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Directorate I – Objectives and Innovation

Directorate I – Objectives and Innovation is the think tank of the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning within the Integrated Planning Process.

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The Directorate has lead responsibility for drafting planning objectives, conceiving concepts for implementation, commissioning further studies, and managing innovations. The continuous adaptation of the capacity for action and efficiency of the Bundeswehr to future challenges ensures that it remains fit for the future.

The process of setting objectives within the Directorate involves the compilation and analysis of new trends and ideas, technical developments, aspects of multinational cooperation, innovations by foreign armed forces, security policy developments, findings from scientific research, and lessons learned by soldiers as well as an assessment of these factors with respect to the capability development of the Bundeswehr.

Innovation management in the Directorate includes systematically gathering ideas from internal and external sources, assessing them with regard to their relevance for the capability development of the Bundeswehr, and supporting their implementation across all processes.



Current as of 11/30/17