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Directorate IV – Scientific Support and Interoperability

The primary objective of the Scientific Support and Interoperability Directorate is to identify at an early stage new developments in science and technology, as well as from operations, and to assess their use for the Bundeswehr.

For direct multinational cooperation on force development issues in NATO, Directorate IV has established a branch at Joint Staff J7 Joint and Coalition Warfighting of the U.S. Arme … (Source: Bundeswehr)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

The scope of work of the Directorate and/or its scientific support cover all areas of application and all planning categories of the Bundeswehr.

Directorate IV is responsible for the application and further development of various scientific methods. These include Concept Development and Experimentation, Modelling and Simulation, Operations Research, and Architecture. The Directorate applies its methods on a project-by-project basis in Berlin and at its second location in Taufkirchen. National and multinational experiments and projects are conducted under scientific conditions.

Directorate IV develops the operational doctrine of the Bundeswehr. In addition, the Directorate is involved in the development of NATO doctrine. Directorate IV is also responsible for standardisation within the Bundeswehr, the development of standard technical terms for the Bundeswehr, and the German contribution to the terminology of NATO.

In the national and multinational context, Directorate IV uses its scientific methods to provide the essential tools for the continuous future development of the Bundeswehr. The objective is to find solutions to new or open questions from future analysis, medium-term planning, capability analysis, security policy, or operations.

For direct cooperation with the United States on force development issues, Directorate IV has established a branch at the Joint Staff Directorate for Joint Force Development in Suffolk, Virginia. This branch serves as a German liaison element for the entire field of further development within the area of responsibility of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which includes local joint concept and doctrine development, joint lessons learned, joint training and education, and the support of joint exercises.

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Current as of 10/16/17