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  • The 2016 White Paper: Strategic Review and Way Ahead

    The 2016 White Paper: Strategic Review and Way Ahead

    The White Paper on Security Policy and the Future of the Bundeswehr is the key German policy document on security policy. It is a strategic review of the current state and future course of German security policy. It is thus the principal guideline for the security policy decisions and measures of our country. It establishes a framework in terms of concepts and content and provides starting points for strengthening the whole-of-government approach and developing further ministerial strategies.

  • Bundesadler und Schriftzug Verteidigungspolitische Richtlinien

    The 2011 Defense Policy Guidelines

    The Defense Policy Guidelines set the strategic framework for the mission and the tasks of the Bundeswehr as an element of the whole-of-government approach to security. They describe the security objectives and security interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Hubschrauber und zwei Fahrzeuge

    The Bundeswehr Concept

    The Bundeswehr Concept is a long-term policy directive which constitutes the capstone document in the overall concept of Germany's military defense. It describes the way the Bundeswehr accomplishes the mission and tasks laid down in the Defense Policy Guidelines. It sets out the contexts and principles on which the Bundeswehr's further conceptual work and planning activities are to be based.

  • Zahnr├Ąder

    The Integrated Planning Process

    The Integrated Planning Process (IPP) is a Bundeswehr-wide approach to planning that enables the Bundeswehr to achieve set objectives and to accomplish its tasks in a coherent and comprehensive manner. The challenge here is to reconcile what is technologically desirable with what is financially feasible.



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