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The Integrated Planning Process

The Integrated Planning Process (IPP) is a Bundeswehr-wide approach to planning that enables the Bundeswehr to achieve set objectives and to accomplish its tasks in a coherent and comprehensive manner. The challenge here is to reconcile what is technologically desirable with what is financially feasible.


The Integrated Planning Process is a Bundeswehr-wide approach (Source: fotolia.com/electriceye)

The newly established process brings the previously separated areas of Bundeswehr Planning, Budgeting and Controlling much closer together. It takes the entire Bundeswehr performance profile into account. In terms of capabilities to be provided, consideration is given to all planning categories (personnel, armaments, organisation, infrastructure, and maintenance and use) and areas of expenditure.

Planning projects will pass through several levels within the IPP that ensure a timely, targeted and financially viable solution. In addition to financial viability, the IPP identifies at an early stage measures that contribute to the prioritised capability profile and should thus continue to be pursued.

The IPP integrates all major organisational elements and resource offices. Essentially, it answers three questions to which the structures of both the Federal Ministry of Defence Directorate-General for Planning and the Bundeswehr Planning Office are geared:

  • Future development: What is our goal?
  • Capability management: How are we going to achieve the goal set?
  • Implementation of plans: What financial resources are needed to achieve the goal set?

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Essential Steps in the Integrated Planning Process

Future development is a continuous, target-oriented process. Its objectives include continuous adaptation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bundeswehr to the changing conditions of the security environment which Germany finds herself in. The process is based on the strategic objectives defined in the Federal Ministry of Defence (FMoD).

Capability management is to ensure that the Bundeswehr achieves and maintains its required capability profile. The focus is especially on network-enabled capabilities. They comprise the capability domains of reconnaissance, command & control and effects, as well as the respective support elements needed.

Central elements of the implementation of plans include carrying out the financial requirements analysis, developing the resource plan and preparing the budget. This process takes account of the intended measures in all areas of expenditure across all planning categories. This task is performed on an annual basis and comprises the factors of requirements update, requirements identification, requirements analysis, risk assessment and expenditure planning.

The FMoD will then prepare a budget in accordance with the requirements identified. Once the budget has been approved, the FMoD Directorate-General for Budget and Controlling will be allocated budgetary funds and commitment appropriations by the Federal Ministry of Finance and will thus be authorised to manage these funds.

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